Monday, October 3, 2016

Positively Vegan is Moving

It made sense to separate the vegan part of my life out from the rest of it when I started this blog five years ago. But now, it just sort of... doesn't anymore.

While I still feel that the time I've spent and the work I've done on Positively Vegan are valid and valuable, I also feel like I've taken it about as far as I can, at least for now. There are a lot of great vegan blogs out there. And who reads them? Mostly vegans, I imagine. I hope there are a least a few mainstream readers who are interested in testing the vegan waters, and read vegan blogs, but I suspect most of those folks are hanging out in other places.

While preaching to the choir here is fun and safe, my target audience is actually thoughtful, open-minded, big-hearted non-vegans, and they aren't likely to find me here. It makes sense to me now to integrate my vegan-ness back into the rest of my life, and share it gently with anyone who's interested in good food and a good life.

What if? Isn't that one of the best questions we can ask ourselves? And if we open up to it and answer it, that's when we get to the good stuff. What if being vegan is just a normal part of a normal life? What if it can be interesting to people who aren't vegan? What if mentioning an amazing jackfruit taco truck sparks an interest in someone who normally defaults to chicken, but loves dogs and horses, and suddenly starts to consider that maybe chickens are pretty cool too, and that jackfruit is a delicious alternative? What if we stop being the different, difficult ones, and simply start bringing our freaking fabulous food to the party? Really. What if?

I'm vegan all the time, you know? It's not a thing I do that's apart from everything else I do. It's a part of everything else I do. It doesn't make me who I am. It's just a little piece of who I am. And I'm feeling the need to pull all the pieces together.

So here's the experiment. I'm not going to post here for a while. Instead, I'll post what I would normally share here on my other blog, my whole life blog, and see what happens. Everything that's already here will stay here. And I might eventually decide I was a big fat stupidhead for trying something new, and come right back here to business as usual. But that's okay. I think what I have in mind is worth trying.

If you please, follow me over to TakingTheLongWayHome. You can subscribe by email, via Feedburner, at the top of the page there. You can also add your name to my mailing list, which is the more personal route. If you're on the PV list, I won't automatically move you over to the other one, but I'd love it if you'd come along for the ride. A couple of clicks is all it takes. Come on! Be part of the adventure. Let's see how this can fly. You'll get to know me better, and might gain some insights on how we can all be awesome vegan ambassadors in the real world.

This is the last post here on Positively Vegan for a while. Maybe forever, but only time will tell that part of the story. Thank you. Thank you so much for being here, for reading and cooking and buying my books and sending me feedback and love. Why would I have done all this, built all this, if not for you? I appreciate you, yes you, the one reading this right now, more than you can ever know.

xoxo Kim


Anonymous said...

I am a non-vegan who loves vegetables. I will miss your blog as it was always full of good ideas. Will still follow you.

Levonne Gaddy said...

I think you're on the right track, Kim. You're a human who chooses a plant-based diet. What's abnormal about that? After looking at the documentary "What the Health" the other evening, John and I concluded that the only sensible path for our health and the health of the planet is a plant-based diet. Eating meat is bad for health. Eating the right thing for health is a desire most people have. The documentary clearly points out how we've been misled on what is good for a body and for the earth. Thanks for your study and focus on a healthy eating lifestyle.