I like to make stuff. Here's some of it.

Edible Tree Farm

I've been all over the internet looking for festive, edible Christmas trees. These are my favorites! They look really easy to whip up for all those parties you're hosting or attending this week. And you don't even have to mention that they're vegan. Nobody will care one way or the other!

PV Craft Time - How To Make a Box

This time of year everyone has a new calendar, which means we also have an old one (or two or three) to take down from the walls and fridge, and wonder what to do with.  We spend a whole year with these beloved collections of images, and then most of us toss them in the trash come January first. Well, don't throw out last year's calendar just yet! And while we're at it, hang onto all your holiday cards and birthday cards too. You can breathe new life into them with just a few folds and snips, and turn them into great little re-used, and re-usable gift boxes. I love this easy, green, vegan-friendly project, and I think you will too. These nifty boxes are easy enough to make with your kids. In fact, it was a nice young man of about 10 years old who taught me to make them.

Instant Dog Sweater

It was cold and snowy yesterday, and while I was looking for sweaters to bundle up in, I found several that were just too old and hideous to wear any longer. Some were even cashmere, from my pre-vegan days, and even though I've worn them into holey rags, it felt wrong to throw them away. Then I noticed the two little shivering dogs huddled up on my bed, and thought, Aha! I know what to do! Ten minutes later we had four new dog sweaters, made from the sleeves of my old sweaters. This is my kind of project, because there's no sewing at all. And the dogs like these better than some of the bulkier sweaters I've knitted for them, because they're slim and sleek and add a layer of warmth while keeping them looking sexy too.