Product Reviews

Sometimes I review free samples, and sometimes things I've bought. Either way, I only talk about what I like here.

Tsubi Soup Review

I love reviewing new vegan products. The most recent request for my consideration arrived in my mailbox all the way from Japan. Tsubi Soup is a new (to the US) company, offering portable, instant, healthy, delicious miso soup. What a great idea!

Reviewing Rawxies Healthy Raw Snacks

I first saw Rawxies healthy raw snacks at Portland VegFest in November. I say "saw" because I couldn't get anywhere near the booth to get a taste. They were swamped with eager tasters the entire show, which is a pretty good indication of what I was missing. Recently though, I was contacted by the company, and asked if they could please send me some samples. Lucky me! And I didn't have to wait in line!

I Heart Keenwah Review

The nice folks at I Heart Keenwah asked me to check out their snack products and tell you what I think. I'm always up for a snack! And if it leans over to the healthier side of snacking, I'm all in. As you probably know, quinoa, the adorable little super pseudo-grain (it's actually a seed) is packed with complete protein. As a base for a snack, it's really much better for you than a lot of the other crunchy-salty things we love to munch on. One serving of the savory flavors has 5 grams of protein, and the sweets have 3 grams. That's pretty good.

My New Vitamix, Peanut Butter, and The Best Darn Sandwiches Ever

I did it. I finally bought a Vitamix. I've been wanting one for several years, pretty much since the moment I went vegan. Everybody told me that every vegan must possess a Vitamix (or other high end, high speed blender.) I resisted. It's a big expense. I wanted to see how much I could do without one, and if you read back through the blog, you'll see I've done plenty. Certainly one can be vegan without a blender of any kind. Just as certainly, it's more fun and creative with one.

Vegan Goodness - Bison Star Naturals Soap

Vegan isn't only for food. You knew that. All the stuff we use on the outside of our bodies has the potential to be vegan too, and often not. It makes sense to do the best we can when buying soaps, lotions, and potions, checking to see that the companies we support are using only non-animal products and don't do animal testing.

Hot Product - Extra Super Vega One Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding

Do you know about Vega One? I got acquainted with it when I was training for a half marathon a couple of years ago. It's an awesome vegan nutritional shake that's a deliciously quick meal-on-the-run... even if you're not athletically inclined. It's perfect on its own, but of course anything can be dressed up a bit.

Hot Product - Curry Love

I was at Whole Foods the other day, and came across a nice man offering samples of curry sauce over rice. Is it vegan? I always ask. And happily, one of the two sauces he was offering was indeed plant based. I fell in love at first bite, and bought a jar of Curry Love's Red Thai Curry, along with a head of cauliflower and some frozen peas. Dinner was taking shape.

The HappyCow Road Trip Stops in Portland

Everybody knows about HappyCow, right? But did you know they've just come out with a cookbook filled with fabulous recipes from restaurants featured and reviewed on the website? It's true! And you're invited along on the HappyCow Road Trip, where each stop takes you to a different blogger's kitchen to sample something wonderful from the book. Check out the Road Trip on their Facebook page.

Goodness From Hampton Creek Foods

The nice folks at Hampton Creek Foods are up to some good work, and coming up with some amazing products. Their mission is to find ways of replacing eggs with plant based versions that are not just healthy for humans (zero cholesterol!), but also for chickens (no factory farming!), and the planet (chickens need huge amounts of water and food, and produce vast quantities of greenhouse gases.) Vegans are falling in love with Hampton Creek Foods, but surely non-vegans can see the wisdom (and taste the joy) in healthy, delicious plant-based delights like their two kick-off products - Just Mayo, and Eat The Dough.

Vegan Cuts September Beauty Box

I'm a little late with this review because I wanted to have time to try all the products in the box. After closer inspection, there are at least a couple of items I will probably pass on to friends because sometimes the (always fabulous) Vegan Cuts Beauty Box is geared for a slightly younger crowd than I qualify for anymore. It's OK! I love the chance to sample unfamiliar products each month, and also to let you know what's out there that you might not have discovered for yourself yet. So here we go with the September Vegan Cuts Beauty Box!

Jeanette Zeis Vegan Dish(es)

As one who cooks a lot and loves beautiful food, I also love beautiful, simple pieces to serve (and photograph) it on. I have recently completely fallen for Jeanette Zeis Ceramics. I visit her website often, and dream of cabinets filled with her lovely plates, bowls, and cups, and maybe a cake stand on the table, for my latest batch of cupcakes. I'm sensibly waiting until I move, but I'm waiting with a plan! I think it's just so adorably perfect to eat a tasty vegan soup or stir-fry from a pretty handmade bowl that says "vegan" on the side, or to sip a favorite tea from an officially vegan mug. If I worked in an office, I'd take one with me to send the message to my co-workers every day. The more we splash the V-word around out there in the world the better. I think so anyway.

PVTV Time - Sampling the VEGG!

I'm a day early with my Friday post this week, but I'm so excited to share this with you, I just can't wait till tomorrow. I finally got a chance to try out the new vegan egg yolk product called "the Vegg," and it looks like a winner so far! Check out my most recent video on PVTV, where I sample the recipe for Gluten Free Lemon Bars by Lindsay Ray, from the Vegg Cookbook. They're fabulous! And the Vegg is a big part of their fabulousness.

Vegan Cuts August Beauty Box

It's here, it's here! The August Beauty Box from Vegan Cuts is in my hands, and I'm so excited to play with this batch of new products! I've made an "unboxing" video for you, so you can share the goodness with me. Come see it over at PVTV! And while you're there, please leave a nice review, give me some stars, and subscribe to the PVTVchannel, so you never miss any of the fun. Thanks!

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

I love girly stuff, like makeup, skin care, and nail polish. I also want products that are vegan, cruelty free, and free of harmful ingredients. They're out there, but not always easy to find. That's why I was thrilled to learn about the new Vegan Cuts Beauty Box. For just $19.95 a month you can subscribe to have a fun box of beauty surprises delivered to your door. The July box arrived a few days ago, and I've been having a great time trying out all the products inside. Here's what I got, and what I think!

KeVita Love

I'm still sorting through all the biz cards and brochures I brought home from VidaVeganCon. There were so many samples there, it was hard to get to them all. (I did my best though.) One that stands out is the tasty and good-for-you KeVita sparkling probiotic drink. I fell in love with it at the conference, and continue to buy it here at home.

Eating Vegan in Vegas

There's a new book on the e-shelves I think you should know about. Paul Graham's Eating Vegan in Vegas is the e-book extension of his super-popular blog by the same name. Paul spent an entire year eating at least one meal a day in Las Vegas restaurants, in search of every tasty morsel of vegan fare he could find. And, surprisingly, at least to me, he found more than plenty! Paul's theory is that if this can be done in Vegas, it can be done anywhere. It makes me want to dig deeper in my own little part of the world.

I Like Laika

I just got the premier issue of Laika Magazine, and right off the bat, I'm smitten. It's really beautiful, but it's more of a vegan lifestyle magazine than a fashion magazine, so it has something of interest for just about anyone. It includes cruelty-free fashion, cool new products, food, animal rights stories, and articles about interesting people who just happen to be vegan. I want to support such a publication. I like their style, and I want them to continue. Visit their website at: Laika Magazine, and subscribe to this lovely, vibrant, thoughtful quarterly here.

Vegan Cuts Snack Box

Have you been to Vegan Cuts yet? It's a fun site full of special deals on all things vegan. They also have something called the Vegan Cuts Snack Box, which is a monthly subscription to a fun box of goodies. I though it would be a good idea to review the contents of one such box for you here, so I signed up and got my first box the other day. Rick and I had a great time testing all the goodies. Here's what was inside...

Little George

I found a George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine in my Dad's kitchen, and since he doesn't cook - at all - he told me to take it home with me. Dandy. I've been wishing for a nice heavy (expensive) panini press, but really don't have room for one in my own humble kitchen, and can't justify the expense just to make a sandwich for lunch now and then. I though this little grill might suffice, and it does, sort of.

NutriBullet Review

Every vegan has a Vitamix, right? It's kind of seen as standard equipment for anyone switching to a plant based diet. But not all of us actually have them. I've had a bad case of Vitamix Envy for a long time, but so far the Kitchen Appliance Fairy hasn't delivered, and with a $500 pricetag, I haven't been able to justify springing for one myself. Recently, after rave reviews from friends, I ordered a NutriBullet from Target. It's touted to be able to do a lot of the things Vitamix does, and at a fraction of the price, I thought it was worth a shot. (FYI, the Nutribullet was about $100 online at Target, with free shipping, and it's $150 everywhere else. Go figure.)