Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ethos Planetware - Tableware Made From Plants

The nice folks at Ethos Planetware sent me some samples of their new plant-based tableware to try. That's right, dishes made out of plants! It makes great sense that we would want to eat our plants off of plates made from plants! Here's a bit of explanation from their blog:

"Ethos Planetware is a brand focused on promoting a sustainable lifestyle. We design and develop a line of tableware products that are made from 100% recycled plants! Our products consist of bamboo, rice, and cornstarch and all of the dyes used are derived from natural plant sources. Ethos is also dishwasher and microwave safe, shatter proof, and commercially compostable."

It's a cool concept, and a dandy product. I love the look and feel of my pretty plate, bowl, and cup, and I love that they're sustainably made by a Portland based company. As much as I'm enjoying using these at home, I can see even greater possibilities for them in restaurants and other areas of food service. And if we still had an RV, these would be the absolute perfect dishes to travel with because they're light weight, tough as can be, and still pretty, unlike most "camping" dishes.

The next step for Planetware is a Kickstarter campaign, which you'll fine HERE. You can keep in touch with the Ethos people on their Facebook page. And below is a short Vimeo for you with more information. 

Let's all support this project and help Planetware find its way into the world!

My very own blue plate special.