Thursday, July 27, 2017

What The Health

Over the last few weeks, several people have surprised me with emails telling me they're going vegan as a result of watching the movie, What The Health. What? Really? I mean, great! But I've never seen so many people so strongly influenced by a food film before. So I watched it for myself, and now I get it.

Have you seen it yet? You can watch it on Netflix, or on the film's own website. And I really think you should. 

I've been vegan for over seven years now, and I thought I knew a lot about the whole thing. Well, I do know a lot. But I also learned a lot from What The Health. In fact, I'll be watching it again, and recommending it to everyone I know, especially those who are struggling with health issues. 

This film features many of the key experts in the plant-based food field, confirms all of what I already knew about diet and health, and goes on to explain why the organizations we trust to help us be healthy are actually doing just the opposite. The short answer is "money," but settle in and enjoy the show to get the long answer.

Here's how strongly I feel about this:
After watching What The Health, and because a dear young relative has been recently diagnosed with heart issues, (and because I just turned 60 and need to step up my own health game a bit), I'm going to restart this blog, focusing on easy, tasty, healthy food.

There are still a lot of recipes archived in these blog pages, and many of them are still favorites around here. But in my vegan beginnings, I was much more interested in cooking than I am now, and my recipes tended to be a little bit labor intensive. What I need now are delicious meals that are easy to make, while still being as absolutely healthy as possible. 

We've moved to the beach this year, to Seaside, Oregon, where we're running a brisk little business renting half of our pretty duplex to vacation rental guests. Our focus is on Mermaid's Nest and our guests (and of course, going to the beach), not on spending endless hours in the kitchen. Cooking and eating have become something different for us now, and the balance of our lives is actually better for it. 

And so, if you're looking to make some changes in your own health, or need some fresh inspiration in the kitchen, check back here about once a week or so and see what I've got for you. It's time I put all my training and certifications with PCRM and Vegan Fusion back to work, for all of us.

Now go watch the movie, please.