Monday, March 3, 2014

Goodness From Hampton Creek Foods

The nice folks at Hampton Creek Foods are up to some good work, and coming up with some amazing products. Their mission is to find ways of replacing eggs with plant based versions that are not just healthy for humans (zero cholesterol!), but also for chickens (no factory farming!), and the planet (chickens need huge amounts of water and food, and produce vast quantities of greenhouse gases.) Vegans are falling in love with Hampton Creek Foods, but surely non-vegans can see the wisdom (and taste the joy) in healthy, delicious plant-based delights like their two kick-off products - Just Mayo, and Eat The Dough.

Lucky me, I got to try both products, and you know what? If I can invest in this company, I'm going to! Hampton Creek Foods is one of the leaders in the newly emerging eco-animal-health-conscious  food industry, and I love what they're about.

I made a simple tofu eggless salad for lunch, to give the Just Mayo room to show off its stuff. It's delicious! I've shared my recipe here before, but basically, just press some extra firm tofu, crumble it into a bowl, and mix in everything you'd use in a "regular" egg salad. The Just Mayo added a creamy, dreamy flavor and richness that had Rick calling it his favorite vegan mayo ever! And my new hint when you want something to taste really eggy is to add a pinch of black salt, which is sometimes actually pink, and has a high sulphur content (and smell) that's oh so reminiscent of hard boiled eggs. This is my delicious eggless salad lunch. And yes, I will share the recipe for Sprouted Seed Crackers. Soon!

And for dessert... yes please... Eat The Dough. Because you can. No eggs, remember? 

I'm not sure how this comes in the market, but the sample cup I got came with a little spoon in the lid. Cool idea. And this cookie dough tastes exactly like any other awesome chocolate chip cookie dough, but without the salmonella. Much tastier, in my opinion.

After savoring a bite with the spoon, I baked the rest. Because you can. Warm from the oven they tasted just like "real" chocolate chip cookies - because that are. Thank you Hampton Creek Foods! I'm your new biggest fan!

I'm not sure if the cookie dough is available in stores yet, but Just Mayo can be found at Whole Foods. Enjoy, in joy!

Update - from my friend at HCF, "The cookie dough isn't in stores yet, but it will be in a few months. I can't wait! The sample I sent you, with the built-in spoon, will be similar to what ends up being the 'snack size', but of course you'll be able to buy it in a lot of other sizes, too!" I'll be watching for it!


Jean said...

Oh this is a must for us--the mayo sounds awesome !!! I do ADORE EGG SALAD, but rarely eat it as most delis make it sweet, and I don't like that. Now I can make a really healthy egg salad!and although I am not into cookies the ones you show look great!!! Might just have to try that product when it is available!
Great entry! xox jean

Jean said...
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