Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Eating Vegan In Portland

I have news! I've been asked to write a new blog called Eating Vegan In Portland, and of course I'm going to do it. My friend, Paul Graham, who writes the popular Eating Vegan In Vegas blog asked me to take his concept to the next level by expanding to Portland. I think soon there will be "Eating Vegan In" blogs from cities all over the world. What an awesome network that will be!

Paul's blog was made into an e-book a while back, and recently came out in print. (Get them at Kobo and Amazon.) With luck, mine will do the same. For now though, it's all about sharing Portland's vegan love. I hope you'll follow along, even if you don't live in Portland, and even if you're not vegan. My goal is to inspire you to dig deep into your own town's garden of plant-based delights. Everybody needs to eat more vegetables, right?

I've added a link to Eating Vegan In Portland (EVIP) in the sidebar to the right, and will update it weekly when I post on Mondays. My regular day to post here at PV will be Tuesday, and you can always easily get from one blog to the other through the links. Better yet, bookmark them! And even better than that, follow them so they're come right to you each week. I'd like that a lot.

My birthday is tomorrow. I will be 57. I can freak out over a number, or I can look at my life and be grateful for all the positive changes that have happened over the past few years. I'm not sure how, but going vegan changed my entire world, starting with my body and health, and branching out to every part of my life. If I hadn't made the plant-based switch, I'm very sure I would not be living in Portland, and I wouldn't be writing Eating Vegan In Portland. Change one thing, change everything... Funny what can come from eating your greens!