Thursday, December 18, 2014

I'm Back

I've been gone for a while. Other things to do. You know how it is. Plus I felt like PV needed to be re-defined since my move to Portland and my radical downsizing to a micro kitchen that is frankly, pretty inadequate. 

Poor me? No way! In fact, my dinky kitchen has inspired me to simplify my cooking, which makes for easier, quicker-to-make recipes I can share with you. Re-focusing the blog, and the website too for that matter, it's now all, and only, about the good things that come with being vegan. Not just recipes, but also products, gadgets, people, events, and other things that make my vegan heart sing.

There are plenty of sources out there to give you information on why you should become vegan and how you might go about it. I'm no longer interested in recruiting - much to the relief of my friends, I suppose! Yes, of course I'd love for the whole world to go vegan, but the only one I'm really responsible for is me. You get to do what you want. And if I can help you figure out how to do what I'm doing, I'm pleased as punch to do it!

Thanks for hanging around.
Where will we go from here?
I have a few ideas...