Friday, January 9, 2015

Vegan Goodness - Bison Star Naturals Soap

Vegan isn't only for food. You knew that. All the stuff we use on the outside of our bodies has the potential to be vegan too, and often not. It makes sense to do the best we can when buying soaps, lotions, and potions, checking to see that the companies we support are using only non-animal products and don't do animal testing.

When a friend sent me a beautiful bar of soap from Bison Star Naturals, I fired off a quick email, asking the owner of the company if the products were vegan friendly. Her quick response assured me that yes indeed, these high-quality soaps are not only beautiful, but vegan and natural too. Happy me!

"... Yes, the soaps are vegan. I am currently working on making my stickers hold a lot more information including a full ingredient list. Following is my white lavender bars ingredients. All of my other bars are very similar with their own unique essential oils and plant material..."

Bison star Naturals is a small, woman-owned, Taos-based company that is most worthy of our support. Head on over to their website and snap up something nice for your own sweet self, or to send as a thoughtful little gift, as my friend did. There are lots of styles and scents that are sure to please.