Monday, April 11, 2016

Riding the Divide - for the Animals

While a lot of people go vegan for the sake of the animals, and lots of those folks are influential animal rights activists, few take "active" to the extreme that my friend Carrie Thompson is about to. Beginning in July, Carrie will set out on a 2-3 month long bike trek, following the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, which runs from Banff, Canada to Antelope Wells, New Mexico.

Carrie is a tough woman with a soft heart. She's riding to raise funds and awareness, in support of those she considers to be even more heroic than herself - the undercover factory farm investigators who put themselves at huge personal risk to expose animal abuse in the agricultural industry.

Carrie is a hero too, for her non-stop, upbeat approach in helping animals everywhere, and for gently educating every human in her path. While not all of us are cut out to be activists ourselves, we sometimes have the opportunity to support the work of those who are willing to do it. Here's where you can help a lot!

Carrie is in the process of planning, packing, and fundraising for her journey. She's paying for all of her own expenses herself, so all the money she raises will go directly to the organizations she's supporting. Please help her meet her goals by donating anything you can through any of the following links.

Thank you for helping one big-hearted animal lover make the world a better place for all of us!


Carrie Thompson said...

Kim, thank you so much for highlighting this cause. I appreciate your support and all that you do for positively exposing the benefits of a vegan lifestyle: for the people, for the planet, and for the animals. you are a hero!!

Kim Miles said...

My pleasure, Carrie! You inspire more people than you know. Happy to see you on FB too! :o)