Tuesday, August 9, 2016

An Amazing Meal at Harvest At The Bindery

This is about as minimalist as a restaurant review can get. Harvest at the Bindery in Portland. Go there. Right now. This is some of the most artful, elegant, delectable food in all the land, in a lovely rustic-fancy, relaxed setting, created and served by intelligent, thoughtful people, and priced so reasonably you can go for a special occasion, or for no real reason at all.

We ordered and shared three selections from the small plates menu, added drinks and dessert at either end, went away just a touch over satisfied, but not painfully full, and only spent $55, not including the tip. Like I said, go there.

Poblano Fundido

Heirloom Carrots. My first experience with edible dirt. It's not really dirt, and it's delicious!
Potato Cakes
Bread Pudding
Manhattans! Cheers!

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