Monday, April 9, 2012

Postcards From The Road - First Day of School

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Today was the start of the Vegan Immersion course I've been waiting for for so many months. It was fun, I feel smarter, and everyone in the group is great, including our chef-teacher, Mark Reinfeld, of Vegan Fusion, who is sharing so much with us.

Rick and I started the day with a run at Alki Beach, my first run since I hurt my foot almost 2 weeks ago. I found myself grinning the whole time, simply because I was able to run again.

Finally off to school, I was a little early, and had plenty of time for a picture outside The Abbey, in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, where the class is being held.

Today was Soup Day. We broke up into teams, and made 4 different soups, all of them delightful, and all of them delicious. My favorite was the creamed broccoli and macadamia nut soup, that was so smooth and rich I just wanted to wander off and be alone with it. The cooking was fun, and of course tasting our work was a really nice reward.

Tomorrow I look forward to getting to know everyone a little better, making more beautiful food, and learning more little tricks that make everything I do in the kitchen just that much better. I am loving my life right now.

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Jean said...

This soup looks delicious! xox jean