Sunday, May 6, 2012

PV is on Facebook!

Are you on Facebook? I've created a new page, just for Positively Vegan. I felt like it was time to separate the beads from the beans, so now I have two "Fan Pages" on Facebook. Come on over and "Like" them please! PositivelyVegan, and KimMiles.

I know you're hungry for some new recipes. I'll have something tasty for you soon! I've been playing in the kitchen a lot since I got home, re-creating some of my favorite recipes from class and adjusting them to make them easier and more suited to my tastes. Sometimes I have to make the same dish several times to get it the way I want it, and then I make it again at the right time of day to get good pictures. Rick is a good sport though. He never complains about eating the same thing three days in a row. What a sweetie!

See you back here soon, and on Facebook too!

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Jean said...

Hooray! xoxox!