Monday, June 18, 2012

One Good Reason

Happy Meatless Monday! I'm still high on a weekend filled with good food, and good fun, including my first ever 5K.

It was a lot of fun, and left me even more excited about the half marathon I'll run with my daughter in September. The 5K run was a fundraiser for local cancer patients, to help provide services and assistance for people during treatment. I liked the idea of helping actual people, and I also liked having the opportunity to sport my snazzy No Meat Athlete t-shirt.

It's no surprise that it was the only one like it there. But who knows - maybe it made a few people wonder. And when we wonder, we learn, which leads me to this week's...

One Good Reason (to go vegan)

According to PCRM, vegetarians are 40% less likely to get cancer than meat-eaters are. Since we know that meat and dairy products contribute to many forms of cancer, it makes sense that vegans fare even better than vegetarians, who usually consume a fair amount of dairy. I'd sure rather prevent disease than try to cure it! Imagine a world where we all took such good care of ourselves that we didn't get sick. Then we could run for other things, like health and happiness, and the joy of feeling good in our skin. I'd like that a lot. Meanwhile, go vegan, and you too can wear a shirt like mine!

Learn more at PCRM:
And see more pictures of my big 5K at: