Monday, July 2, 2012

One Good Reason

Happy Meatless Monday everyone! This week's One Good Reason (to go vegan) is...


Until I started looking for them, I had no idea there were so many happy events dedicated to vegan food and fun. There isn't one in Taos (yet!), but you can probably find a veg-fest near you almost anywhere in the world. I guess I'm just going to have to travel around a bit and check some of them out for myself, in the name of research, of course. When I do, I'll report back to you. Until then, check out the following lists, and if you go to one, do let us all know about your festival experience!

Worldwide Vegan Events, from the Vegan Voice

International Vegan and Vegetarian Festivals, from Vegetarian Guides

And just a heads-up for next week...

Next Monday, July 9, is my birthday. I love having birthdays, because it means I'm still here, and because I get presents. If you might like to do something special for me on my special day, my Birthday Queen Request is that you go Vegan for a Day, and then send me an email and a picture of your own little personal Veg-Fest, so I can post them here. ( It would mean so much to me! And, just sayin'... we celebrate Birth Month around here, so feel free to get started any time you like, and go for more than one day if the mood strikes you. I'll be honored by anything you do!

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