Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Vegan Cuts September Beauty Box

I'm a little late with this review because I wanted to have time to try all the products in the box. After closer inspection, there are at least a couple of items I will probably pass on to friends because sometimes the (always fabulous) Vegan Cuts Beauty Box is geared for a slightly younger crowd than I qualify for anymore. It's OK! I love the chance to sample unfamiliar products each month, and also to let you know what's out there that you might not have discovered for yourself yet. So here we go with the September Vegan Cuts Beauty Box!

Beauty Without Cruelty Rosemary-Mint-TeaTree Shampoo - So far I love all BWC products, and this shampoo is no exception. To be honest, because I have curly hair, I generally wash it with conditioner, and use shampoo only rarely. It tried this though, and it smelled wonderful, cleaned away the conditioner buildup, and left my hair nice and soft. Good stuff.

Manic Panic Creature of the Night Eye Shadow and Liner in Raven - From the wildly colored hair dye people, this full-sized set, complete with mirror, is super hip and glam, and certainly suited for other-than-Halloween wear. I tried it, I like it, and I'm passing it on because I already have something similar that I use all the time.

Weleda Lotion Samples - I adore lotion. The dry New Mexico climate I live in really takes a toll on my skin, so I go through buckets of lotion on a regular basis. These are vegan and cruelty free, although some Weleda products contain lanolin, so be sure to read labels when you shop. Of the samples I got, the Sea Buckthorn is my favorite, the Wild Rose my least fave because it's too sweet and strong for me, and the Citrus and Pomegranite are almost as nice smelling as the Sea Buckthorn. There's also a little packet of Citrus Refreshing Body Oil, which I keep forgetting to use, but imagine it will be lovely.

Good Clean Love Almost Naked Personal Lubricant... It's vegan, cruelty free, contains no parabens or petrochemicals, and it's latex-safe. You're on your own with this one.

Gladrags Washable Panty Liner... As a woman "of a certain age," I'll just say that this is something I, uh, no longer have a use for... But what a great idea, huh? One more thing we can keep out of the landfill. I'm all for it! My only thought for using this cute little soft flannel pad for myself was to snap it onto my seatbelt to keep my neck from chafing... yeah OK, probably not... I'll pass it on to someone younger for sure.

And in the box but not on the list is a little bar of soap from Fanciful Fox. The "California Dreamin'" scent is just that - dreamy. I love washing my face with it.

And there you have it. Purchase all the products reviewed here today at a nice little discount in the Vegan Cuts online Shop. And get your own monthly Beauty Box by clicking the banner below. It's always fun!

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