Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Finding Recipes For Success

One final guest post this week, from my friend Paul Graham, author of Eating Vegan in Vegas. Today he talks about Finding Recipes for Success. Check out his great suggestions, and surprise someone with a terrific new dish this weekend!

"Living and eating consciously begins at home. I’ve given you some pointers for getting your kitchen set up and now it is time to do some cooking. This is how we will achieve our goal. But where to begin?
Thousands of vegan cookbooks are available either online or in print. When we talk about vegan cookbooks and recipe sites, like life choices, it is totally subjective. Given the numbers of choices, we need to choose based on our favorite cuisines, the people we’re cooking for and our pocketbooks. On my blog and Facebook pages, I post a few recipes weekly to show what is possible for those deciding to live a vegan life. I want to show everyone how well we eat and that menu-planning doesn’t need to be cooking vegetables to enhance a piece of meat or fish..." Continue

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