Thursday, January 30, 2014

NAKED Food Magazine

Gorgeous vegan, Margarita Restrepo, of NAKED Food Magazine (New American Kind and Enlightened Diet) has a great deal for my readers! This glorious magazine has been online for some time now, but it's about to come out in print in April! I do a lot of my reading in digital formats, but I still adore a beautiful magazine that I can hold in my hands and flip through dozens of times before passing it on to a friend. I'm excited about this!

So here's the deal, and it's a good one! Subscribe to NAKED FOOD MAGAZINE at this link, use the promo code VIVALANAKED, and get Margarita's fabulous eCookBook FREE! You save 52% when you get both, and who wouldn't want both? I know I do!

Want to sample the cookbook? I made the Creamy Cauliflower Spread, and have permission to share the recipe with you here. We loved it with crunchy crackers, and it would be great with veggies or bread or just lapped up with a spoon. It was terrific as written, but you know me... I embellished the recipe a little bit. I added some garlic powder, hot smoked paprika, and salt. Can't help it. We live in New Mexico, and we like things spicy! I also love a recipe that's easily adapted to different seasonings. This one would be good with herbs and nutritional yeast too. I think I'll try that for the (all vegan!) Super Bowl party we're going to.

And for dessert (again with permission) how about a no-bake carrot cake? What? I really must try this. Immediately!

The entire eCookbook is this beautiful and inventive. Click the link above, use the secret code, and get yours this very minute, along with the super beautiful NAKED Food Magazine. Enjoy! And thanks Margarita!

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Jean said...

It is always so fun to read your blog, and I remember what you are saying as well. xox jean