Monday, May 12, 2014

Laughing Planet

Laughing Planet is quickly becoming another of our favorite Portland food haunts. This casual eatery is not all-vegan, but vegan and GF items are clearly marked on the menu, which offers bowls, burritos, soups, salads, smoothies, and even beer. We love beer! There are several locations in Portland to choose from, as well as two in Eugene and one in Corvallis. (We're in Oregon now - did you catch that?)

Menu samplings from recent meals at the NW 21st Ave location include the Thai Bowl, Soylent Green Bowl, and the Che Guevara Burrito. All were fabulous, and all repeatable. In fact Rick had the Thai Bowl the other night, and again for lunch a few days later, subbing baby asparagus for the broccoli that's usually included. Gotta get asparagus while you can, right? Veggies have been consistently cooked-just-right, sauces are so good I can't choose favorites, so always ask for a little of each, and portions are generous. Walk in hungry, walk out happy.

Soylent Green, made with tempeh, not the stuff from the old movie... 
Thai Bowl - Rick's favorite.
The burritos are not fancy - just fabulous. And the foil wrapping makes them easy to grab and go if you're on the run.
And maybe best of all, there just happens to be a Laughing Planet in the very building that we moved into over the weekend. Talk about a great perk! Woo! Lucky us!

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