Monday, January 11, 2016

Reviewing Rawxies Healthy Raw Snacks

I first saw Rawxies healthy raw snacks at Portland VegFest in November. I say "saw" because I couldn't get anywhere near the booth to get a taste. They were swamped with eager tasters the entire show, which is a pretty good indication of what I was missing. Recently though, I was contacted by the company, and asked if they could please send me some samples. Lucky me! And I didn't have to wait in line!

I received both the sweet and the savory varieties, the Banana Nut Bread, and the Smoked Paprika Crunch. Both were delicious, substantial, and tasted like real food - because they are. Unlike a lot of packaged snack foods that are fluffed up with a lot of air, these raw delights are hearty and full of flavor.

The Banana Nut Bread cookie was moist and chewy, and really good with a cup of coffee. And it's cute to boot, shaped like a heart! Gluten free, soy free, dairy free too, it's a dreamy little treat, with ingredients we can actually recognize: gluten free oat flour, organic sunflower seeds, almonds, organic coconut, organic bananas, organic dates, organic palm sugar, walnuts, organic cinnamon, organic vanilla, pink himalayan salt.

The Smoked Paprika Crunch was a yummy surprise. Nice big pieces of crunchy goodness with tons of flavor and nutrition. Just look at the ingredients: organic sunflower seeds, organic flax meal, organic flax seeds, organic sesame seeds, nutritional yeast, pumpkin seeds, organic chia seeds, olive oil, organic lime juice, organic spice blend (smokey paprika, onion, garlic), sea salt. So, so good!

Rawxies is a growing company, and it's easy to shop for their products online. You can also search for a store near you, and ask you favorite local markets to carry them if they don't already. Oddly, nobody in Portland carries Rawxies... yet. I'll be putting in my request to several key places in my area. Come on Food Fight, Alberta Co-op, People’s Co-op, New Seasons, and Food Front! Your customers are going to love Rawxies!!! Portland needs these!