Friday, January 22, 2016

Change Your Sauce, Change Your Life

I'm deep enough into the process now, that I can make an announcement - I'm working on a book of vegan sauces! Just sauce. Well, and maybe a few basic dishes to go under the sauces. Did you know that most of us, when we cook at home, rely on a meager handful of 5-7 meals that we know and trust and make over and over again? For this very reason, I'm a big believer that changing up the sauce can make an average dish new and exciting, and as a result of such excitement, might indeed even change your life. Butterfly Effect: change one thing, change everything.

OK, so maybe I exaggerate the life changing superpowers of sauce, but I do know with absolute certainty that a good sauce can make a dull meal magnificent. With this in mind, I'm hard at work (and play) creating a collection of super sauces that are easy to make, and go with a variety of dishes.

I'm giddily knee deep in this project. I'm also a little surprised at how much work it is. I'm getting there though! My plan is to self-publish it through CreateSpace, same as I did with my Mandala Coloring Book. I'd like to offer it on Kindle, as well as in print. It appears to all be do-able.

I'll post updates here, and hope to have it finished by say... end of February, although that might be overly optimistic, given the time it takes to edit and have proof copies printed. Wish me luck! I'm doing it all by myself, which is how I learn the most. I'm having fun! I'm especially looking forward to a sauce-making frenzy when it comes time to take photos. Right now I'm haunting thrift stores, in search of dandy little serving bowls. It's amazing what people get rid of.

Have a happy weekend. Eat some sauce! I'll see you back here next week sometime. xoxo


Deborah said...

This sounds like a great project. I look forward to seeing it. BTW we have the new edition of Eating Vegan in Vegas in production and it will be out on 4/22. Then we hope to have an Eating Vegan in Philly out later this year and it would be marvelous if we could include your Eating Vegan title in the series next spring. We can discuss this in much greater detail. But we now have a template in place and a gorgeous format and cover design for the series. I am so excited and now that you are creating books on your own, it might be nice to partner with someone. And, one last comment. We will be in Las Vegas this summer and perhaps you can meet us there. it would be great to have a talk in person and to get your input on things. Best of luck with all your work.
Deborah Emin

Jean Baldridge Yates said...

This is super wonderful and delicious news!!! xoxox jean

Ethan S said...

Hope you have several that do not include tomatoes. Unfortunately, nature did the disservice of tormenting me with a tomato allergy.

Kim Miles said...

Thanks Jean!
Deborah, please keep me posted on your travel dates. I'll see what I can do. You really need to come to Portland! all the best vegan food is here!
Ethan, I don't think there are any tomatoes at all in the book, except for optional add-ins. you're in the clear!