Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tsubi Soup Review

I love reviewing new vegan products. The most recent request for my consideration arrived in my mailbox all the way from Japan. Tsubi Soup is a new (to the US) company, offering portable, instant, healthy, delicious miso soup. What a great idea!

Tsubi Soups are all natural, organic, and vegan. They're also free of GMOs, chemicals, gluten, and, since you might be wondering, radiation. According to the website (which is really well done), all the ingredients come from a safe and healthy place in the southern tip of Japan. So there you go. No worries.

The soup comes as small freeze-dried blocks, about an inch and a half square, in little foil packets that keep it all fresh for up to 1 1/2 years. Just drop the soup-cube in a cup, add 2/3 cup of boiling water, and you have soup. It tastes great with no added seasonings or sauces needed, so it's perfect for travel and work days when you want a handy snack in your bag.

I also used it in my morning hot miso-and-greens smoothie when I had run out of actual miso paste at home. It was perfect. Tsubi Soup saved my breakfast and tasted every bit as good as what I normally make.

You can order Tsubi Soup online for now. Tsubi herself is in the process of bringing her soups to US stores, and I look forward to meeting her when she visits Portland in March. Thank you, Tsubi Nishitani - CEO / Founder of Tsubi Soup, for reaching out to me about your wonderful product. I look forward to seeing it on store shelves near me! Come on Whole Foods! Do this for us!