Monday, May 9, 2016

Cupcake Jones

An easy walk or streetcar hop from our apartment, is one of our favorite stops for a sweet treat. Cupcake Jones is not an all vegan bakery, but they do make some of the best vegan cupcakes I've ever tasted. They offer three vegan flavors - Vanilla, Chocolate, and Red Velvet. I don't play favorites where cupcakes are concerned, but Rick has a special weakness for the Red Velvet.

Each cupcake is generously frosted when it's ordered, and the regular sized ones are also stuffed with some sort of delightful creamy filling. The mini size isn't filled, but the frosting-to-cake ratio is perfect. 

All this time I though the reason I loved these cakes so much was because they were not gluten free. Well, looking at the picture, I see I was wrong... How about that? Vegan and gluten free, and they taste totally amazing. I'm really quite flabbergasted.

Cupcake Jones has two locations. Ours, on NW 10th, and another on NE Alberta. The one on 10th is tiny, with no seating, so plan to get your cakes to go, and then wander off to find a good coffee place nearby. So far, not one barista has minded that we bring our own cupcakes, but they always hope we've brought an extra one for them. Everybody knows Cupcake Jones.

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