Monday, May 23, 2016

Green Quinoa Pizza

I ran across this recipe for Spinach and Artichoke Quinoa Pizza Crust from SimplyQuinoa, and I had to try it as right away as possible. I didn't have everything I needed, and it was raining, and I didn't want to slog out to the store. Once in the grip of pizza lust, there's nothing to do but surrender though, right?

What does a smart city girl do in this situation? She grabs her phone and fires up the PrimeNow app from Amazon, of course! Within a couple of hours there was a nice young man at my door with a bag of groceries. How wonderfully civilized.

The original recipe calls for soaked quinoa that you don't even have to cook! The crust is made in a blender, so the quinoa is basically turned into wet flour. I made a couple of modifications because I had some cooked rice and fresh basil to use up. The bit of rice I threw in didn't hurt it a bit, and the basil added another layer of flavor.

The crust is pick-up-able, and while not really bread-like, it has a delicious consistency similar to a creamy polenta crust. And it's so green!!!

For toppings I used arugula pesto, chopped spinach, Daiya smoked gouda style cheese, fresh mushrooms, and sliced black olives. It was fabulous!

Many thanks to Alyssa at SimplyQuinoa for this recipe, and so many others. Do check out her website and blog!

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Jean Baldridge Yates said...

I love this! How cool you made it. It looks delicious, and I love that idea about trying Amazon for fast delivery! Yay!
xox jean