Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year, New Plan

Happy New Year, my friends! 2013 is hard to wrap my head around. It was just 2000 a minute ago, with all the crazy stuff that was supposed to happen then. Yeah right, right? And now after all the hoo-ha over 2012 and the Mayan calendar and all that, it seems pretty clear that nobody's calendar is jumping off at the next bus stop, and we still have some living to do. I find that to be very good news.

I'm not big on New Year's Resolutions, but I do enjoy the feeling of a fresh start each January, even if it's only in our imaginations. I, for one, have had just a little bit too much fun over the holidays, and spent more time in the kitchen and less time outside moving my body around than I normally do. We all do that this time of year, so there's no point beating myself up over it. It's clear though that it's time to turn off the oven, at least a couple of days a week, and lace up my running shoes again.

This year, along with getting back to my good running habit (and committing to another half marathon), I plan to create more, write more, cook more, travel more, help more, inspire more, learn more, and earn more. I want a lot, and I'm willing to work for it, although I don't really consider doing what I love to be work.

I occurred to me that this blog, which is central to my own personal balance and the hub of everything else I'm doing, can be about so much more than just food. Sure, food is important. You know I love the cooking and eating parts of my day. But as I grow more into my vegan-ness, I see how much really great stuff there is to share. Being vegan isn't only about the food. It's about a full, whole life, complete with, but not limited to, great food, beautiful clothes, exotic travels, compassionate relationships, and a whole world of inspirations to be shared. My experience in being a 50-something vegan for almost 3 years has been to feel more alive than ever before in my life. I'm making it my personal mission to help as many people as I can share that same feeling. 

My self-described job this year is to bring you as much encouragement and inspiration as I can. I want to be better than I've ever been, and I want you to be too, if you're so inclined. It's as important as ever to me that I stay on the positive side of the Vegan Fence. There's plenty of scary vegan propaganda out there, and you'll have no trouble finding it. More and more I'm letting go of the urge to evangelize (which I think my friends appreciate). If you ask me, I'll tell you all the awful facts and figures you want to hear, but I think most people "find vegan" in their own way, in their own time, and can't be badgered into it. Yes, I will admit to feeling sort of ethically and nutritionally superior to, well, almost everyone, considering the small number of vegans in this country, and I often wonder why every thinking, animal-loving, health-conscious person on the planet isn't vegan. But that doesn't make me better than anyone else. I just means I've made a connection they haven't made yet. It means I need to know when to keep my mouth shut, and to do my best to be an example someone else might want to follow. Count on me to tell you all the great things about being vegan, and to help you make your way to a healthier, happier place for yourself. 

That's it. That's my plan. How it unfolds remains to be seen. I have a whole year to figure it out and to change my mind a million times. So do you. And so here's to you, wherever you are on your own path. I positively wish you a healthy, happy, creative, abundant, joyful, delicious, compassionate 2013!


Emakaye said...

Cheers Kim. I do enjoy reading your blog posts. I need to get a little bit healthier and I look forward to your positive encouragement. It is hard for me to commit to the way I prefer to eat (healthy/vegetarian) living in a house full of men but I continue to try to influence them. Happy New Year.

Kim Miles said...

Happy New Year Emakaye! Good luck to you with those men... She who does the cooking gets to decide what to cook! ;o) Remember that you have a world of healthy eating allies out here. xo!