Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gluten Free Experiment

Heads up, my Gluten Free Friends! Rick and I are going GF for the entire month of March, not because we have to, but because we're curious to see if we'll feel better without the gluten. Neither of us has a gluten sensitivity that we're aware of, and we already feel pretty darn fabulous. But if it could get even better, we'll take it.

So many people are off the gluten these days, for varying reasons, and I get a lot of requests for GF recipes. March is for you, GF darlings! There's a world of wonderful food out there, just waiting to be enjoyed. I'm starting my exploration early, because I suspect there will be a certain amount of trial and error, particularly when it comes to breads and such. I made a pizza crust last night that was actually quite delicious. There's science in this, and I'm doing my research. The resulting dough was a mix of a gluten free focaccia recipe, and a favorite pizza dough recipe from Tassajara. I'm glad I wrote it all down as I went, because this one is repeatable, and I will certainly share it in March!

I'm stocking up on exotic flours, and wishing really, really hard for a great big Kitchenaid mixer (in a pretty color, maybe with tulips painted on it) to help me with all the stirring I'll be doing. One day these big companies will be clamoring to give me their appliances, but for now, I have a very nice olive wood spoon and a strong arm. At least I can take this equipment anywhere in the world.

If you have Gluten Free wishes, please post them here in the comments. I am taking recipe suggestions, and I want to know what's missing from your GF life. Tell me!

(And remember - tomorrow is the drawing for the PV giveaway! You still have time to post comments all over my blog, as many as you like. You could win the sterling silver Bird Necklace!)


VanBeads said...

So, speaking of gluten-free flours... For Christmas, my wonderful husband bought us a grain mill for our Kitchenaid stand mixer so that we could make our own gluten-free flours. (I had to give up gluten last year when I found out I was sensitive to it.) We'd really like to find some good recipes or techniques for making our own gluten-free flours, but I can't seem to find much on the Internet. Any tips or information that you come across for making your own gluten-free flours from rice, chickpeas, potatoes, etc., would be greatly appreciated! (If you happen to find any.)

Lori Greenberg said...

Yay!!! I'm totally sensitive to gluten...and have decided to go wheat free all the way after reading about gliadiin in Wheat (the Wheat Belly Blog).

My biggest challenge are breads and tortillas. I can do without most other gluten using stuff, and although I love a good lettuce wrap, I do miss sandwiches and tortillas.

Good luck!

Emakaye said...

I believe my oldest son has gluten issues. He s in his twenties now and getting him to try new things has been tough. I would love to try this in my house.

Monika said...

Thank you! Am so looking forward to your recipes and experiences in March. I'm just starting to go gluten-free and so this will be great!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely delighted to hear that you are going gluten free. We have been living that way for over a year now. So many of your recipes sound delicious, except for the gluten.
Going wheat and sugar free has certainly improved our lipid panels, plus many other benefits too numerous to mention here.
Good luck. Just like you did with the vegetarian lifestyle, using alternate flours and grains will be an interesting experiment.
I am looking forward to sharing with you.

Kim Miles said...

I'll be counting on some of you seasoned GFers to help me sort some of this out! :o)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the gluten free recipes!! Have been gluten free for a few years now and am always looking for new ideas.
Brenda Leap

Kim Miles said...

Great Brenda! This will be fun!

Jean said...

Whee--I think it is so great you are trying this diest. I cannpt wait to hear the results!

K Varszegi said...

So glad you are trying gluten-free. I am now officially allergic to wheat and gluten.

In the future, I hope to invent a recipe for a "flour" tortilla that actually tastes good. I'm mildly allergic to corn and can only have a very small amount once a week.

I am getting closer and closer to being vegetarian thanks to you. It's just taking a bit of time.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea. We suspect a gluten intolerance in our son. We are recent vegans (5 months) but would also love to try the gluten free diet. Looking forward to March recipes! Thank you