Monday, November 30, 2015

I Heart Keenwah Review

The nice folks at I Heart Keenwah asked me to check out their snack products and tell you what I think. I'm always up for a snack! And if it leans over to the healthier side of snacking, I'm all in. As you probably know, quinoa, the adorable little super pseudo-grain (it's actually a seed) is packed with complete protein. As a base for a snack, it's really much better for you than a lot of the other crunchy-salty things we love to munch on. One serving of the savory flavors has 5 grams of protein, and the sweets have 3 grams. That's pretty good.

First of all, I think it's brilliant of them to spell the name phonetically, so people can learn how to say it. KEEN-Wah! Now we got it!

On to the taste test! There are 5 varieties of the "sweet and crunchy" snacks, and 4 varieties of "savory and airy," which turned out to be my favorites.

Rick helped me sample 3 of the savories - Herbes de Provence, Sea Salt Truffle, and Sweet Chili. All 3 were great! They're a lot crunchier than your typical old school cheese puff, and smaller than they look on the package, which is not a bad thing at all. They're munchable!

The flavors are pronounced and real and identifiable. Rick liked the Sweet Chili the best, because he goes for a sweet slant, even in savory foods. They were spicy too! My favorite flavor was the Sea Salt Truffle. These tasted sort of... elegant. I like that right out of a bag! And we both agreed that the Herbes de Provence tasted a lot like Thanksgiving, and thought they'd be really good used as croutons on a salad or soup. Any of them would, really.

The 2 sweet flavors we sampled were The Chocolate Sea Salt and the Cashew Cranberry. We loved them both, but as usual, I preferred the saltier one, while Rick reached more for the sweeter fruity one. It all works out so perfectly.
Bottom line is, would I buy these? Yes! And you can too. Get I Heart Keenwah snacks online, or check their Stores page for a store that carries them near you!

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Ellen OB said...

Always looking for a protein snack to travel with and was excited to see that these are readily available in my usual grocery store. Double win! Now appearing on my grocery list to try! Thanks for the 'Heads Up"!