Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Lunch at Los Gorditos

I love Mexican food, but I get tired of asking if the beans are made with lard, or if the rice is cooked in chicken broth, or if anything at all can be made without cheese... It's exhausting, and I'm often not sure I'm getting accurate answers, especially when there's something of a language barrier, which there sometimes is in a place that serves good, real Mexican food.

Imagine my delight in discovering that Los Gorditos, with four locations in Portland, has not one, but three separate menus, clearly labeled meat, vegetarian, and (yay!!!) vegan! We recently had lunch at the Perla (Pearl District) location, and as one well-known food guy is known to say, I'm hungry for more. 

There's nothing fancy about the place. You order at the counter, take your number to a table (several communal, plus a few small ones), and they deliver your food to you. Get your own forks and drinks, and forget about having a beer or margarita with your meal. They don't have a liquor license. We didn't care. We were there for the food!

Rick ordered a Soycurl Fajita Burrito from the extensive menu, and I had the Tostada, also with soycurls. Everything was wonderful. The burrito was fat and messy and stuffed with good things, and the tostada was perfectly topped with goopy-good refried beans, veggies, and vegan sour cream. It all tasted like real Mexican food, which is no small feat.

But here's the important part - It's all about the Sauce Bar. Once you have your food, wander over to the little station in the corner and sauce up to your heart's content. I asked two people, and was assured that all of the sauces are vegan. Pay attention to the heat warnings. Yep, that habanero sauce had some serious kick to it. No matter which one(s) you choose, your meal will leap into a whole new dimension of tastiness. Do not skip the Sauce Bar, my friends!

We'll be adding Los Gorditos to our regular route. Maybe next time I'll try the Chile Relleno Burrito, or the Chilaquiles, or the Nachos... There's so much to choose from. I think I could eat there, oh, just about every day.

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