Monday, March 28, 2016

Petunia's at Case Study Coffee

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We like to go to the Case Study Coffee on 10th, near the "designer" Good Will store, the grand old public library, and the less chic, but sometimes handy City Target. Case Study a coffee roasting company, so you know the coffee is good. It's also one of the nicer places to grab a little table and hang out for bit while you sip your espresso and people-watch through the big windows.

They offer several plant-based milks for our lattes, but until recently, all the baked treats were non-vegan. The last time we were there, we had smuggled in our own cookies, which of course is frowned upon, but we wanted something sweet with our afternoon caffeine. Better buzz that way, right? More festive too, and we're all about festivity.

I happened to glance at the bakery case as we ordered, and practically squealed with delight when I saw a pretty little square of - what else? - coffee cake from one of our favorite bakeries, Petunia's, which happens to be all vegan and all gluten free. Stuffing our baggie of cookies back in my purse, I ordered up the second to last piece of cake, two forks please, and was assured that they normally have a better selection. Hey, no problem! It's great news to me that the demand for vegan baked goods is growing!

Thanks Case Study! You've done a very good thing here!


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