Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cooking for Ravens

Arthur Rackham - Who Has been eating off my plate ?

I made a totally disgusting dinner last night. It took hours, and it all seemed so promising while I was making it. But sadly, very disappointingly, the final result was just... yuck. It happens. It's okay. It's actually even a good thing, once I get over the humiliation. I mean, I'm supposed to be a pretty good cook, so how could I come up with something so completely inedible? Well, I could, and I did, and I'll probably do it again.

In my other life as a beadmaker, I've often told friends who are new to the torch to, Make Ugly Beads. Of course they look at me like I'm crazy. But then I explain that if they aren't making ugly beads from time to time, they aren't stretching themselves, they aren't risking, learning, creating. If all we ever make is Beautiful Perfect Stuff, we're just playing it safe, and that can get boring pretty quickly.

It's the same with food. My new motto has to be, Make Ugly Food, I guess, even though I really don't want to. There's more at stake here - like dinner, for instance. We had popcorn last night, which Rick made, after taking the Horrible Glop out to the yard for the ravens to eat, because I was just too deflated to make anything else. I pouted and picked on myself and seriously wondered what in the hell I'm doing, pretending to tell people how to cook. I felt like a fraud, a failure, and I went to bed not caring if I ever cooked another meal or posted another blog again.

Thank God for sleep. This morning I feel better. I can see the humor in my failed culinary experiment. And best of all, I can see the value in it. So it didn't work. So what? So I don't have a recipe to share with you today. So what? The world won't end, and I learned a few things. I'll try it again. I'll do it differently. And I realize it's totally okay to cook for the ravens now and then. They're a great crowd to feed. They'll eat anything, they're entertaining, and they're always grateful for a home cooked meal, no matter how bad it is. If I ever open another restaurant, I think I'll call it The Raven's Table. I really do appreciate these guys.


Anonymous said...

Glad that you can laugh about this today.....but now I am really curious!!!! Please give us a small hint about the recipe experiment:-)
Diane in PA

debra said...

Yes please tell us do we don't try it ! Haha

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

No one makes it to the top until we completely obliterate the bottom lol. You have to share you beautiful disaster!


Katherine said...

You're too hard on yourself, Kim. Even my culinary school trained husband's dishes take a left turn on occasion. You've had lots successes, one that I made AGAIN last night...pineapple rice kale, and the spicy sweet black beans. The bad ones, everyone has, and forgets about. Gotta go through those bad ones to appreciate the good ones. Chalk it up as, "well I guess I won't be making THAT again!"

Anonymous said...

I love the raven picture. Your post reminded me of a kitchen disaster that included some differing packages of exotic asian flavorings - which included lots of salt, of course, and who knows what else. The results were so bad I called it Chinese cat food. For years my pre- then adolescent daughter waved that flag as indication of the dire situation I dragged her through as a single mom. I still think it is funny. It really was UGLY food at its finest. Norine