Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Orange and Green Smoothie

My smoothie kick continues. If you're new to smoothies, and wonder why they might be better than juices, my personal opinion is, you get the whole food, including all that lovely fiber, from smoothies. Juicing is tedious to me, and takes so much fruit or veggies to squeeze out just a smidge of juice, and then you're left with all that discarded pulp to deal with. I know there are wonderful health benefits in drinking the concentrated nutrients found in fresh juices, but when I want food, as in for breakfast, when I'm hungry and need fuel, I'll take a nice thick smoothie over juice any day.

I've ordered the book, Green Smoothie Revolution: The Radical Leap Towards Natural Health, by Victoria Boutenko, from Amazon, because I want to know how to mix it up, so to speak, in the most healthful way possible. While I wait for it to arrive, I'm inventing my own smoothie delights, based on things that are easy to get year round. Here's another one for you to try. Can you tell I love kale?

Orange and Green Smoothie
1 small banana
1 cup frozen organic peaches
1 carrot, cut into 1 inch pieces
1 T chia seeds
3-6 kale leaves
1 cup orange juice
1/2 cup nut milk

The process is the same as for the Easy Green Smoothie. Place everything in your blender in the order given. Tear the kale leaves, and place them in to fill the blender jar, but don't pack them too tightly. Then just buzz it up till it's smooth. This one turns the most beautiful, vibrant green, but you can really taste all the orange goodness.

And here's a tip for cleaning your blender - put a few drops of dish soap and some hot water in the jar, and buzz it up for a few seconds. When you take it apart at the sink, everything will just rinse right out.


Katherine said...

Oh snap!!! These look great! You're teasing my away from my morning ritual of Rainbow Light Energizing Protein shakes. I always add fruit, but these look wonderful. Kale has also become one of my favorites, so looks like I need to give these a whirl in the blender!

Katherine said...

So, I did my green smoothing this morning. I subbed the peach with mango, and it was delicious! Took a little longer to prepare than my normal smoothie, but definitely something I'll switch out with it at least three times a week. I also liked Teri's suggestion of pear and parsley...that sounds like a great combination, so I picked both up yesterday. I'm not always the best at making sure I get enough fruit and veggies during the day, but this a great way to get a jump start!