Friday, July 12, 2013

Positively Vegan Has a YouTube Channel!

As more and more people are beginning to wonder "what is vegan" and to search out vegan recipes, I've noticed that a lot of folks are venturing into the kitchen as relatively inexperienced cooks, in need of some technique basics and clarification. Sometimes it's easier to show than to tell, so I've decided to do a series of really short videos, sharing things like how to hold a knife, how to cut pretty little matchstick carrots, how to press tofu, what to do with lemons (beyond lemonade), and simple recipes that can be shown in 5 minutes or less. Spring rolls are up this week, and they're easier than ever. Do not fear the spring roll! Make it your own!

I'll do my best to post one new video each week. Please take a moment to wander over to YouTube and subscribe to my channel, so you don't miss a single one! And while you're there, please be sure to click Like on the videos, leave comments if you're so inclined, and of course Share my link on Facebook and Twitter. It will really help me. Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy my foray into Positively Vegan Video Land!

PS - If there's anything vegan you'd like me to do a video of, please let me know!


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m.e. said...

Your vege-visuals are just to nudge I needed ! Awesome idea !!!
m.e. :)

Kim Miles said...

More on the way! Thanks for watching!