Friday, April 19, 2013

Eating Vegan in Vegas

There's a new book on the e-shelves I think you should know about. Paul Graham's Eating Vegan in Vegas is the e-book extension of his super-popular blog by the same name. Paul spent an entire year eating at least one meal a day in Las Vegas restaurants, in search of every tasty morsel of vegan fare he could find. And, surprisingly, at least to me, he found more than plenty! Paul's theory is that if this can be done in Vegas, it can be done anywhere. It makes me want to dig deeper in my own little part of the world.

In the e-book, Paul condenses his year-long project, making it easy to find vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants in various sections of town. He takes us bite by bite through some of his favorite places, describing wonderful dishes throughout. I found myself wanting not only to travel to Vegas for a few good meals, but also to hit the kitchen and try to recreate some of the dishes he describes.

The second part of the book is a restaurant guide. This makes me particularly giddy, because I actually am going to Vegas for the weekend, to meet up with my decidedly non-vegan family. With the help of Paul's insights and listings, I can now gently steer the group to restaurants that will make all of us happy. This is a first, and I hope that more books like this will come out for cities all across the country.

Paul Graham is a relatively new friend of mine, but a long-time acquaintance. We went to high school together, but only became friends as adults, when thanks to the internet, we discovered that we had veganism in common. Paul does a lot of good work to raise awareness, to speak for the animals, and to build bridges that we all can cross and meet on, over the troubled waters of our crumbling food system. Please support him by buying your own copy of his wonderful e-book, Eating Vegan in Vegas, over at Sullivan Street Press. You'll find all new reasons to plan a trip to Vegas!

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