Monday, April 29, 2013

Fixing Glitches

I got a text from a friend this morning, asking me why she couldn't read my entire blog on her phone. I really had no idea why, but once I took a look at my Blogger settings, I saw that the "mobile version" was what was causing the problem. I switched it over to the regular old desktop template, and TaDa!, now it works perfectly! (Thanks Debra, for letting me know there was a problem!)

I don't really know how all the technology works, or why anyone would actually want a less functional mobile version of anything. Chances are though, my friend wasn't the only one who was frustrated by not being able to read my blog on her phone. If you were having the same problem, check it out again! And everybody, please feel free to let me know any time you have trouble with my blog or website. I also welcome friendly editors who catch typos for me. (Thanks Gregg!)

I'm paddling this boat all by myself here. I'll take all the help I can get.

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