Monday, April 22, 2013

Eating Well in Las Vegas

I'm checking in today from sunny Las Vegas. I so needed this trip. Not only for the sun, the pool time (I'm at the pool now), and the family gathering, but also for the food. I needed to be assured that there are other vegans in the world, and that there's life beyond trying to find good vegan food in New Mexico. Amazingly, the rumors I've heard are true. Las Vegas, being the Universal Capital of Excessive Excessiveness, has so many things I do not want to eat, but also has an incredible amount of wonderful vegan fare. Since we're with a large family group, we need to find places that will please everyone, from hardcore steak eaters (eek!), to long-time vegetarians, to Rick and me, The Weird Vegans.

I'll admit, there was an initial trip to the nearest grocery store, and we do a lot of snacking to fill in the gaps between real meals. But everywhere we've been so far has had something for everyone, most importantly to me, for me!

Last night, we met up with our friend, Paul Graham, and a new friend, Pauline, at the Paris casino. To show you how veg-friendly things are around here, the Mon Ami Gabi is a steak house... but when we told our server we were vegan, she instantly rattled off several good suggestions, and she seemed truly pleased to be able to tell us that the fries are indeed cooked in their very own potatoes-only fryer. Oh happy day!

Later in the evening was a family dinner at SEA, a beautiful, quiet Thai place at Bally's. Again, most of our party went for the meaty options, but our server was happy to point out her best vegan suggestions, and steer us away from items that couldn't be made without fish sauce. Another winner in Las Vegas!

I have to say though, that breakfast this morning at Pura Vida was the best restaurant meal we've had in a long time. We had pancakes with berry syrup and bananas, and an incredible puff pastry delight, filled with tofu scramble and topped with creamy cheese sauce. When the food arrived at the table next to us, I swooped in and asked to take pictures of their meal before they even had a chance to take a bite. They humored me - lovely folks from Oregon.

Seriously. Come to Vegas. Go to Pura Vida. Eat. Repeat. I am in vegan heaven.

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Jean said...

OH my Gawdddddd I want everything!!!
Plus you photos rock!!! What a great place!!!

xox jean