Thursday, May 30, 2013

Eating in Portland - Blossoming Lotus

I've been wanting to eat at Blossoming Lotus for over a year now - ever since I took a 10 day cooking immersion with Mark Reinfeld of Vegan Fusion, who was part owner of the place at the time. We finally had the chance to go while visiting Portland this week, and it was well worth the wait, even though Mark is no longer involved. I don't care what kind of food you favor. If you like delicious, creative, beautiful food, and you find yourself in Portland, go to Blossoming Lotus.

We were with our friends, Jim and Lani, so we ordered all sorts of dishes to share and taste. There were moments when I just wanted to go in a corner and be alone with what was on my plate. That's my version of "two thumbs up" or "5 stars."

Crispy Artichoke Fritters
Chana Masala 
Polenta special with trumpet mushrooms 
Caribbean Phyllo Roulade
Wok Tossed Tofu and Greens
There was dessert too, and I have no idea why I forgot to take pictures of it. I guess we were all so caught up in conversation and good food, we lost sight of the assignment at hand - to document every morsel. You'll just have to visit Blossoming Lotus yourself, and see what sweet delights are on the menu that evening. You can't go wrong. Just order everything and eat it all up.

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