Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Eating in Portland - Sizzle Pie

One of the reasons we're so enamored with Portland is the food. There are so many vegan restaurants here, and others that are quite vegan-friendly. I love to cook, but we also love to eat out and see what other people are cooking. That doesn't work out so well in Taos, but it sure does here, in sunny Portland, Oregon. (OK, I fibbed about the sunny part. It's been mostly rainy and grey the whole time we've been here, but we really don't mind.)

One of the most talked about places in our many restaurant discussions at VidaVeganCon was Sizzle Pie, a pizza place across the street from world famous Powell's Books. I've been yearning for pizza lately, so we headed there for lunch yesterday. So glad we did. It's every bit as good as people were talking it up to be, and I'm now totally inspired to create my own version of their caramelized onion sauce, and smear it all over everything that will stand still.

We started with a big, generous salad, which we really felt the need for after a weekend's worth of conference food.

Rick always waits so patiently while I snap pics of our food.

I love a place that will do 1/2 and 1/2.

Yep, we liked it.
Sitting there looking out the window, I could totally imagine us living here, maybe up there in that nice apartment building, looking out over Portland from our balcony. City life, and all it has to offer, is really alluring right now. On with the exploration!

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Teri said...

So what were the pizza toppings, did you just order it "cheeseless"?