Monday, May 27, 2013

VidaVeganCon Day 3

We finished up VidaVeganCon yesterday with another terrific round of classes, and more delicious food. I ended up taking a total of 3 food photography classes, so I really hope to see some improvements in my pictures. And my last class of the day was on SEO optimization, which has always completely kerbobbled me, but now I think I understand it a little bit better. We'll see. I want huge numbers of readers. I know they're out there, hungry for some good food news!

Throughout the weekend, I also came to view my own blog and work somewhat differently, and I began to see some changes I'd like to make in the whole structure. I feel the need to redefine, for myself, and for my readers, what vegan means to me, and where I place myself in the grand vegan scheme of things. It's still gelling in my mind, so we'll see what comes of it. Basically, I want to find ways to be more inclusive to non-vegans. Vegan food is good food, but it doesn't require a membership card to enjoy it. 

I'm also getting closer to completing the book I've been working on. It's a cooking book for new vegans, dabblers, and anyone who wants to eat whole, healthy foods without spending a lot of time in the kitchen. And again, I want to somehow make it ok to eat tasty vegan chow without feeling obligated to make any huge life changes or commitments. 

Here are a few more pics from the conference and out after-celebration. I'm already looking forward to the next VidaVeganCon! Thanks everybody! It was a blast!

Our last-day lunch was a wonderful sandwich bar, sponsored by Nasoya.

Some assembly required. The Happy Campers Gluten Free Bread was amazing!

Dinner later at Bangkok Palace. Pumpkin Tempura. Yes, please.

Pad Thai, no egg. Perfect.

Later, a ride on the ferris wheel that's right outside out window. I'm not as afraid of them as I
 used to be...
Lots of pretty bridges in Portland.
We have three more days in Portland, to explore, relax, and see if it feels like someplace we might want to move to eventually. I'm also glad we have time to try more of the dazzling selection of restaurants here. I'll keep you posted!

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