Thursday, May 30, 2013

Eating in Portland - Portobello

I'm in Seattle now, but still have some Portland places to rave about before moving on. Portobello was much talked-about at VVC2013 last weekend, so we made sure to make time for it. Next time you're in Portland, I recommend you do the same. We arrived a little before opening time, so popped in next door for a beer at the Beer Mongers while we waited. It's a great little spot that looked to be super popular with the locals. We liked it too!

Once Portobello's door was opened, we zipped over for an early dinner, and were glad we did because the place filled up before we even ordered. In all fairness, we did take our time reading the menu. We're not used to all-vegan restaurants, and it's rare to be able to choose from everything, rather than just a couple of items. What a wonderful problem it was to have to make a decision.

The Food. Was. Amazing.

Fresh, local, colorful, delicious, and artfully presented. It was torture for Rick to wait, fork in hand, while I snapped pictures in the lovely late afternoon light. I picked up a few good recipe ideas at Portobello, and can't wait to have a chance to try them out. I'll also look forward to our next visit to Portland, so we can eat at one of our new favorite restaurants again. Portobello is way at the top of the list.

Sweet little pepper filled with cashew cheese.
Roasted Portobello mushroom with polenta and creamed spinach.
Potato gnocchi with spring vegetables.
Strawberry-rhubard tart.

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