Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Jeanette Zeis Vegan Dish(es)

As one who cooks a lot and loves beautiful food, I also love beautiful, simple pieces to serve (and photograph) it on. I have recently completely fallen for Jeanette Zeis Ceramics. I visit her website often, and dream of cabinets filled with her lovely plates, bowls, and cups, and maybe a cake stand on the table, for my latest batch of cupcakes. I'm sensibly waiting until I move, but I'm waiting with a plan! I think it's just so adorably perfect to eat a tasty vegan soup or stir-fry from a pretty handmade bowl that says "vegan" on the side, or to sip a favorite tea from an officially vegan mug. If I worked in an office, I'd take one with me to send the message to my co-workers every day. The more we splash the V-word around out there in the world the better. I think so anyway.

Jeanette generously gave one of her darling keychains to every attendee at VidaVeganCon. I liked them so much I stole Rick's from him so I could have two. Well OK, he didn't really mind. In fact he gave it to me. But still...

I am so taken with these pretty dishes, I want to trade in my old favorite Fiestaware for a kitchen full of Jeanetteware. Maybe for now I'll just sprinkle in a few pieces here and there. And as much as I love all the colors she uses, I'm really drawn the simple cream colored dinner plates. Food looks so pretty on white, and I already have a whole lot of color in my cabinets.

Wander on over to Jeanette's place, and see if there's something to inspire your creativity in the kitchen. I think a beautiful blue bowl would be perfect for a new (possibly struggling) vegan. If such a person were to follow the beautiful tradition of eating all their meals from one simple bowl, it would be practically impossible to put anything but vegan food in a bowl marked "vegan." I don't need the nudge, but I want the bowl anyway.

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luminousvegans said...

I love Jeanette's pottery! She is local to Atlanta so I've had the chance to visit her studio and it is pretty amazing. I have a vegan mug and the same vegan key chain!

Kim Miles said...

Oh luminousvegans , you are so lucky! I'm having pottery envy here!

Jean said...

Very very pretty! Love her work!

luminousvegans said...

PS I have a giveaway of some of her pottery up on the blog right now. Ends this Friday.