Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Magic Sprinkles

If you're new to vegan cooking and eating, you might not have noticed yet what a big role nutritional yeast plays in rounding out dishes with that cheesy richness so many of us crave. "Nooch," as it's commonly referred to in our little world, is sprinkled on everything from popcorn to steamed veggies to pizza and soup and salad - similar to the way you might use grated parmesan.

There are several brands of vegan "parm" on the market too, and while some of them are quite good, I don't like paying $5 and up for a little jar of something I'm likely to use up in a week. So... I made my own. Of course I did!

Playing around with ingredients, I eventually came up with something so good I just like to eat little piles of it straight from my hand. I call it Magic Sprinkles, which I know is kind of dumb, but that's what it is to me. Magic. This stuff is like glitter for food - only not sparkly, better tasting, and much easier to digest. Yes, it has nooch in it, but it's so much better than plain nooch I actually considered manufacturing it and selling it. But no... I've done the make-it-sell-it thing, and I don't want to do it again. I'd rather you make it yourself!

The recipe for Magic Sprinkles is available only in the Recipe Box, along with over 100 other recipes, plus more and more Exclusives and Sneak Previews as we go. I really think this one little recipe is worth the price of admission, especially when you consider what you'll save on store-bought veggie-parm, and how much better this is than any of them. I really think so!

Click on over to the Recipe Box and get yours now. You'll use your Magic Sprinkles every day at home, and I'll bet you even start carrying around a little zipper baggie of the stuff to have with you out in the world. I know I do! If you see me in a restaurant, ask me for a taste. I'll share!

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