Tuesday, June 3, 2014

One Vegan Morning in Portland

I might start sounding like a spokesperson for a Vegan Portland Chamber of Commerce campaign. Is that bad? I can't imagine how, when there's so much to share about this unusually veg-friendly city. If I repeat myself every so often, it's because a place is so darn good we have to go back rather than explore something new. Trust me, there's a lot of new to explore, and we're doing it. My heart and stomach are in this job!

We recently spent a morning meeting up with friends for breakfast at A.N.D. Cafe, which I talked about a short while back. I love taking non-vegans to veg restaurants, especially when I already know how great the food is. Everyone in our group was exclaiming all over themselves about how good their breakfasts were. And Ken, the mighty (but good natured) hunter, absolutely fell in love with his strawberry waffle with (vegan) ice cream on top. Who wouldn't? It was gone so fast I couldn't get a picture.

Coming from New Mexico, breakfast burritos are very important to me. I can make a Taos style burrito at home, so it's fun when someone comes up with something new for me to try, like the Super Vegano Burrito. So super bueno.

After breakfast, Rick and I extended our field trip to include a stop at the one and only (or world's first, or something like that) Vegan Mini Mall. We had lattes with hazelnut milk at Sweetpea Baking Co., and bought a big oatmeal cookie to save for later (I ate my half while writing this).

Next door at Herbivore Clothing we picked up our favorite Booda Butter lip balm, and a darling little white plate by Jeanette Zeis, hand stamped with the word VEGAN. I plan to use it - a lot - in my food photos. I might even take it everywhere I go, and use it in restaurants too.

We peeked in the window of Scapegoat Tattoo, but didn't go in for new ink. Not just yet. I expect I'll feel the urge to add to my collection one of these days, but really it's best to wait until the Tattoo Gods speak to you. I like knowing there's a place that uses all plant-derived inks and products, and that the artists care about such things.

Our last stop was Food Fight, where we stocked up on some treats we don't find in other stores. We were specifically looking for the new Earth Balance Cheddar Squares, which, I sampled (and loved) in California recently. Sadly, they were out of stock, but we did pick up some of the new Earth Balance Kettle Chips. We haven't tried them yet, but I promise to soon. I feel it's our duty to keep you informed on all the tasty vegan snacks that keep coming out - and then to remind you to eat your greens, baby! "Snack" is a key word here. Healthy vegans eat real food more than potato chips!

So here's our entire haul from this little excursion. So much fun. The Vegan Mini Mall is not in our neighborhood, and not in walking distance, but we'll venture over as often as we can think of an excuse to, just because we like to support all things vegan, and the nice people who make them happen.

Find the Vegan Mini Mall at:
12th at SE Stark St
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 281-8638

A.N.D. Cafe is located at:
5420 E Burnside St
Portland, OR 97215
(503) 233-4550

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