Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rice Junkies

We stopped in at Rice Junkies for a quick lunch in the Portland State University district. This little hole in the wall seemed to be super popular with the student crowd, and with a certain business sector as well. We fit in somewhere in the middle, and were pleasantly surprised with the quality and tastiness of the food.

Rick's Yaki Soba Bowl came in a big stainless steel "for here" bowl. It was good, with lots of crispy vegetables, but maybe needed a little more sauce.

I ordered the Curry Bowl, which for some reason came in a paper take-out container. I think it was busy and they ran out of the steel bowls, but still, I did have some bowl envy...

Both dishes were tasty and kind of hugely portioned. They offered me brown rice, which I add major points for. And it was nice that my meal had lots of sauce so I could share with Rick. All in all, we were well fed and happy, and because Rice Junkies is in our new neighborhood, I expect we'll go back from time to time.

This branch of Rice Junkies can be found at:
620 SW 6th Ave.
Portland, OR 97205

There's another Rice Junkies on trendy-hip Hawthorne.

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