Friday, June 13, 2014

Who's That Cow?

I found a darling little plastic cow in a toy store the other day, and had to take her home. My idea is that she'll make a great little mascot for my Instagram pictures, as someone who is happy to be looking at my plate rather than being on it. I bought a toy pig too, and my friend gave me a cute, cartoonish cow/eraser, but for me, the realistic baby cow (who has very sweet eyes) really represents all of the animals that vegans don't eat. So while you might see the pig or the cartoon cow, or maybe even other mini farm creatures, from time to time, the cow says it all for me, and she'll be along for the ride whenever I head out into the world of wonderful vegan food. (Yes, I know this is silly. I see no problem with that.)

I've always felt an affinity for cows, even back when I used to eat them, which I realize now was a real conflict for me. I even had a cow-themed kitchen for a while, which might have been a mistake. Once the word got out that I liked cows, everyone gave me cows for every occasion, until the kitchen theme overflowed into the rest of the house. I put a stop to it after a few years and found new homes for all (well, most of) my beloved cows. My father still sends me a cow birthday card each year. I treasure these, but I do not want anyone else sending me cow decor in any form. OK? I have my cow, and I'm content.

Are you on Instagram? It's fun! And my kids tell me it's the "new Facebook," so I'm in, because I do not want to fall behind. Follow my food adventures with my cow, just for fun, because lots of what I find out in the world never makes it to the blog. I'm PositivelyVegan on Instagram. And my cow needs a name. Send me your suggestions!


Hazel50 said...

Love it! How about Meribel?

Yudhvir Singh Chaudhary said...

Get a real cow home and name her Alexa.