Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Portland Fashion Week, Vegan Style

I just found out I've been welcomed into the Portland Fashion Week "family" of bloggers, to report back on the food and drinks that will be available at the 4 day event, from a vegan perspective. I'm so excited I can hardly stand to be around myself! How did this happen? I think it's a pretty weird story, so I'll tell it. This is how my life works.

I had just spent the morning pouring over the Portland Fashion Week website, wondering when tickets would be available, wondering if I was missing a link because it said September first, and it was September first, and I couldn't figure out how to buy the darn tickets. I was also trying to decide just what to attend, purely from a thrill seeking fashion admiring perspective. It's expensive to go all 4 days, and of course I want at least some semi-VIP status. Sigh... the older I get, the less the cheap seats thrill me...

I gave up for a while, and moved on to something else, planning to go back later and sort out my ticket dilemma. I was listening to OmHarmonics, through my headphones as recommended, but not exactly meditating, which is what the music is designed for - deep meditation... I was actually cruising Facebook. Yeah. I know... I came across the picture below, which I had seen and ignored the day before. I had thought it was some kind of contest, and the very stylish pumps I own happen to be four floors into the earth, in storage, so they don't get banged up in my miniature closet.

This time, however, maybe because of the brain-altering music that was being piped into my head, I took a closer look, and saw it as an opportunity. I immediately fired off a short email pitch to PFW. I mean, who would be better than me to check out the vegan side of a huge fashion event in Portland? A few minute later I got a phone call, asking if I'd like to do some food blogging for them. I about fell out of my chair. Seriously, it was like magic.

I'm awaiting the details of my assignment, and hoping it includes a press pass and access to all the shows. My Big Idea, aside from covering the food and tasty beverages, which are all Portland-centric, and at least some of them plant-based, is to dig deeper into the fashion and the designers' visions of sustainable fashion. I figure there must be at least a few who are specifically, intentionally animal-friendly, as well as eco-friendly. That's the kind of fashion show this is. Hey, it's Portland!

I guess I'll go back to my "meditation" and see what pops up next. Meanwhile, check things out here from October 1-4. I'll be your vegan on the food (and fashion, I hope!) beat. You can also follow me on Facebook, as well as Instagram and Twitter (kimmilespdx). See you at Portland Fashion Week! My biggest question for now... What will I wear???


Jean Baldridge Yates said...

I am so excited about this! My fave blogger-reporter giving me all the details on two of my fave things: fashion, and food! This is wonderful, Kim!
love, jean xox

Kathy Lowe said...

Congratulations! I knew it wouldn't take you very long to knock the socks off Portland in some exciting and meaningful way!

Kim Miles said...

Thanks Jean and Kathy! Love to see you both there! I'll be the one with a notebook, and iphone, and a plate full of food! xoxo