Monday, September 21, 2015

the Portland Vegan Beer and Food Festival is Next Saturday, September 26th!!!

Here it comes! Are you ready? Do you have your tickets? How about a strategy to dig in and sample every amazing morsel of this all Vegan Beer and Food Festival? I'm working on my plan, and to be honest, I'm failing miserably at strategizing. I mean, look at this lineup! How in the world will I ever make my way through all of this in one little day? I'll do my best, and I do hope to see you there.

Fortunately, I'll have Rick along to help me. And maybe if you win the two free tickets I have to give away on Facebook, you'll assist me with some insights of your own. I guess what I'll do is sample as many of the places I haven't tried yet as I can. I'll tell Rick what to eat too. I'm the boss, and I'm bossy that way.

None of the beer and cider companies are super familiar to me, so I guess I just have to sample all of them... (hiccup! polite burp...) Then once I'm stuffed and semi-loopy, I'll go back through and visit some of my already-favorites. Of course it will be a good idea to toss in some kombucha here and there, to be sure I'm digesting all that fabulous food properly. I do try to be a healthy vegan.

I'll pace myself.
I'll eat. I'll drink. I'll shop. I'll dance.
And I'll report back.
But really, you need to be there to experience all this vegan wonderfulness for yourself.
Buy tickets (or win them from me), come to Portland, and spend one heavenly day surrounded by and filled with all things vegan and happy and fun.

See you there!

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