Monday, October 31, 2011

Eat Some Greens on Halloween

Happy Halloween! If you're just beginning your vegan journey, be sure to check the labels of your favorite treats. They can be tricky! My own favorite, candy corn, contains gelatin. So sad. And milk chocolate, of course, contains milk. We know from my recent post on TakingTheLongWayHome that there's some really good vegan chocolate out there, and I just found a recipe for vegan candy corn on The Urban Housewife. Wow! It's still loaded with sugary junk I don't normally eat, but it would be fun to make it for a special occasion, like today!

If you're going to indulge in some sweets today (or maybe a tasty wicked brew or two) you'll want to balance all that out with something super healthy. I came up with a salad yesterday that's just what you need. It's made with my favorite super-hero vegetable, kale, along with a super-hero from the sea - seaweed! This salad is quick and easy to make, and loaded with fiber, minerals, and calcium. It's on the salty side, so it will counteract all that sugar we might "have to" eat today, and it tastes wonderful! I took some to a friend's party last night, and knew it was a winner when we all ate it, and someone wanted to take the leftovers home. We jokingly called it "Hangover Salad" for it's green medicinal powers, but I think I'll give it a new name here today...

Super Seaweed Salad

Soak 1/2 bag or more Hijiki in water for about 30 minutes.

While the seaweed soaks, wash and chop enough kale to fill your salad bowl. Drizzle with some toasted sesame oil, and "massage" the kale until it's bright green and a little bit tender.

The kale will shrink as it softens, so add more if you want a bigger salad.

Drain the seaweed well, and toss it in with the kale. Add a little more sesame oil if you like, along with tamari and ume plum vinegar if you have it. Too much tamari will make it too wet, so add it gradually. If it's not salty enough for you, throw in a little sea salt to taste. Raw or toasted sesame seeds would add more calcium, and a nice little crunch. I'll be sure to have some for next time. Another good addition would be some raw or marinated/baked tofu, for extra protein.

Mmmm... You know - I'd really rather have this than candy. Now that's kinda spooky...