Monday, October 5, 2015

Easiest Morning Miso Yet

Happy Meatless Monday! I usually share a dinner recipe here, but after my long weekend of late nights covering the vegan side of Portland Fashion Week (see previous posts), I'm really feeling the need for a green miso re-charge. Maybe you are too after a long weekend of your own!

I love green miso soup for breakfast, and have shared one recipe for it here before. In that one, everything goes in a blender cold, and is then heated in a saucepan on the stove. Since writing that version though, I've acquired my Barbie Dream Blender - a Vitamix - and making hot green morning miso has gotten ever so much easier. I have this almost every day and I never get tired of it. And of course you can make this cup of green goodness any time of day, and change up the vegetables and seasonings for variety.

Please keep in mind, you can't make it this way in a NutriBullet. Hot liquids in the Bullet are a Very Bad Idea. But the Vitamix not only can take the heat, it can heat cold liquids to steaming in just a few minutes. That's some fast spinning!

Vitamix Morning Miso
one serving

1 large handful of any kind of greens (I like pre-washed mixed greens)
6-8 baby carrots
2-4 mushrooms (white or crimini)
1-2 tablespoons miso
a pinch of wakame (sea vegetable)
2-3 walnut halves
tamari and hot sauce to taste
1 cup boiling water

Place everything in the Vitamix (or other high speed blender designed for use with hot liquids) and blend on highest speed for about one minute. Pour into a large mug and enjoy.