Saturday, October 3, 2015

Portland Fashion Week - Highlights from the Second Night

All I have to do is show up, take pictures, pay attention, and enjoy the show. Still, it's exhausting! All that choosing of outfits. All the fussing over hair and makeup and accessories (and still feeling like I look the same as always.) All that endless standing up in cute shoes. Can't I wear Crocs to Portland Fashion Week? Teehee... I can almost hear the gasps of horror...

No, I am not complaining. I'm loving every minute of this, and I'm very tired. My number one tip for calming aching feet and legs at the end of any long day: lie down with your legs straight up against a wall. A couch works well for this, and is preferable to the floor.. That way, if you doze off with your feet in the air you'll be quite comfortable.

This was my look for the night. I decided to be warm and comfortable and fade into the background a little bit. It's all from my closet, or borrowed, or gifted. It's hard to see, but a very cute Banana Republic skirt is the starting point, topped with a very long fine-knit sweater that's black on the front, white in back, and has gray sleeves. The necklace is one of my own creation, made from steel bailing wire (yes really), large cubic zirconias, and a heart shaped silver baby rattle. Awesome necklace. The bag is thrift store lime green Coach, and the boots are Dolce Vita. (Vegan side note: all leather in my world is "rescue," meaning I'm at least the second owner, and preferably third or more. It's how I live in the real world without saying "make more leather.") And the white tag on my bag is not a thrift store price tag. It's my photographer's pass.

The entire evening was another tornado of light, color, music, and fashion. The adorable and talented singer, Emi Meyer, took a spot on the runway for most of the evening, adding live music to the excitement. And the designer lineup was possibly more entertaining than opening night.

It all started off with my new young friend Deja, who confidently took the lead and set the pace for the show in her darling Sister Fresh frock.

I quickly gave up on getting good still shots with my iPhone. There were so many people competing for a vantage point, and really, if I was going to become a full time fashion blogger I'd need to get a real camera. The phone is great for food, not so much for distant, moving targets in crazy lighting. The other advantage of a nice big camera is the respect it commands. Even with my press pass, I couldn't expect to be taken seriously armed with nothing more than a little gold phone.

My solution, which I think was semi-brilliant, was to wait until the end of each segment, and take a video of all the models in that group as they did their final parade down the runway and back. Here's what I got. I think it's fun to see it all in motion too. Yes?

Ayala Originals was my personal favorite of the evening. I would love to have one of these coats! The designs are "upcycled/recycled works that are always sustainable, wearable, unique, and one of a kind."

I'm not exactly sure who this is... The bigscreen banner said Sonshine Designs, but when I do a search, I come up with kidswear, not plus size glamwear. I must have misread. I'm sorry! But it's great to see beautiful clothes for all sized women, not just for the skinny-minnie's.

Here's another mystery... The signage for this collection said Urban Puzzle, but again, when I try to find a website, non exists. Oy. Just enjoy the show I guess, and contact the promoter if you need to find these clothes for yourself. Let's keep in mind, I'm a food blogger...

Coming up next, I know for sure who this is. Phew! The next two videos are Emi singing, and Jules of Morocco. You know I love these clothes.

And finally, my favorite from opening night, and still way at the top of my list, Clayton Beck. I love the clothes. I love the music. I love the show. I love the professionalism. I also love what Mr. Beck is all about. Do check out his website.

Two more nights to go! I'll try more remote blogging tonight, and see what happens in the way of photos and videos. There's a passel of real photographers at Portland Fashion Week, with enormous lenses, bright lights, and ideal vantage points. Look for their pictures on Facebook, and please forgive me for mine. xo

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Jean Baldridge Yates said...

Dear Kim,
Fantastic! And your look crushes it. You are such a babe!
I love it, and I love the fun and lively way you report!
xox jean