Monday, October 5, 2015

Wrapping Up Portland (Vegan) Fashion Week

My job is done here. Blogging up Portland Fashion Week from a vegan perspective has been fun and entertaining and exhausting, and something I'm really glad I did. I got so much from this whole amazing experience, aside from access to the shows, and gorgeous clothes to wear. I remembered how much fun it is to use clothes and accessories as a personal art form. I started paying more attention to how I walk. I discovered that I can fit into foreign territory more easily than I thought I could. I found encouraging connections between the vegan and maybe-someday-vegan worlds. And I met some really hard working, creative, wonderful people. Thanks for having me, PFW!

Tonight was the fourth and final night of this year's show, and I was joined once again by my fun, fabulous, fashionable friends Karena and Cristina.

The evening was filled with surprises, and featured accessories, which were too hard to photograph from my not-front-row seat tonight. Bow ties and gorgeous jewelry were terrific, but the entertainment really stole the runway...

And happy me, we had one last collection from Clayton Beck, who ends up being my favorite  all-around creative of the week. If he's never presented at Pecha Kucha, I really think he'd be a natural.

As for the vegan perspective of a sustainable, eco-friendly fashion show, I think there's a ton of potential, and I think maybe the producers now see a broader range of what can be done to expand on Portland Fashion Week's already impressive sustainability. Maybe I can help make that happen. For now, I just really need to rest up for a day or two. 

Thanks for riding along with me on this. I wonder what out of the ordinary assignment I'll come up with for myself next...? Till then, dress well, stand up straight, and wear cute shoes!